(part of the interview with Wostok made by Ilija Bakic in spring of 1999.)

ILIJA: You've also tried in the very new media comic strip-movie.

WOSTOK: Yeah, that's the thing that has been happening since the spring of 1997 when (well-known outside of our country) video artist and painter Vesna Tokin directed the movie "Kosmičke pirane" ("Cosmic piranhas") for my screenplay. In the summer of that same year, I directed the film "Život u Bolidvudu" ("Life in Bolidwood"), according to my own script, and in the spring of this year I was the producer, filmmaker, screenwriter and director of the films "Užas u Bolidvudu" ("Horror in Bolidwood"), "Najveće društveno zlo" ("The Greatest Evil in Society") and "Država odumire" ("The State is Dying") . In the mentioned films, the actresses of Vršac's undergraund scene act: Nabor Devolac, Peki, Red, Lola, Bocha, Opra and - myself.

The comic strip film "Kosmičke pirane" ("Cosmic piranhas") was made by Wostok's original script; his story of the "heavenly congregation of naive arts" is plagued by high spirits, dadistic and surrealistic details and manuscripts, allusions to the political environment and the spiritual poverty of the turbo folk of the Heavenly Nations. "Actors" in the movie are the comic strip artists Nabor Devolac, Wostok, Grabowski and the imposing "faces and appearances". The enthusiasm with the new media draws Wostok into the screenwriting-director debut of the movie "Život u Bolidvudu" ("Life in Bolidwood"), featuring the well-known comic heroes, Zagor and Chico, who are confined to the recognizable local turbo folk milieu. The film successfully uses a strip of 'new primitivism' technique that traces the caricature of the situation. The movie is played by an opulent team of comic artists and friends. Strip films will come to great interest or approve of the variety of audience they were shown on various promotions and similar events. This is another field of research of the comic strip artist from Vrsac.

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