TV KRPELJ is a media production label that mostly focuses on the subcultural, independent scene, events and happenings, even thou it's not the only thing that is center of it's attention. TV KRPELJ was created in collaboration between Wostok and Zlata VK, Wostok talks the talk and Zlata films it, edits it, collages it with many other media and makes totaly independant, DIY, one-woman-crew movies.

"Čovek Vicko" ("Vicko The Human") is a short documentary about Wostok's "alter-ego" from Kać (small town near Novi Sad, Vojvodina) Ištvan Vicko, genius and a madman, a tragic figure of underground culture. In the movie Wostok speaks his reasons for his fascination with Vicko. Runtime: 22 min

"Krpelj" ("The Tick") is a medium length documentary on the "Fanzine Krpelj", that looks back on independent publishing during the 1990s, maybe the hardest times for independent scene in Serbia, but nevertheless Wostok managed to publish over 750 issues over the years. Runtime: 47 min

"Mita Kombajn - Čovek ili mit?" ("Mita the Combine - A man or the Myth?") is a mocumentary about local bum and a legend from Vršac. Runtime: 13 min

POSTHUMNE AVANTURE INSPEKTORA CHARLIEA (POSTHUMOUS ADVENTURES OF INSPECTOR CHARLIE) is a mocumentary about probably the worst comic in history of comics, ever writen and drawn, but it is insanely entertaining and fun. This is the story about it's creation and consequences. Runtime: 18 min

"Bitlsti: Ali volim!" ("Bitlsti: But, I love it!") is a documentary about a band made up of guys that have developmental issues, but are very fun to be around, they're into pop culture and are very creative. Runtime: 30 min


Documentary about Wostok's comic book serial "ROBUSTO!!!"

published in USA in 2016.

Comic series "Robusto !!!" was created in the period from 2001 to 2005 on a series of comic workshops with a group of authors, by Danilo Milošev Wostok's scenario.
Those 24 episodes were successively published in Wostok's fanzine "Krpelj" (The Tick) in paper form, but also on site "Pionirov glasnik" as an electronic, online edition. In 2016 it was released in English for the US label "Lovecraft House" with forewords by Vladimir Palibrk, Ilija Bakić and translator and editor of the American edition of this voluminous work, Dragana Drobnjak.

Comic series "Robusto !!!" is about living in Serbia during the 1990s when every day life was inwrought with war, inflation and hunger, poverty and misery. Wostok wrote the script that ridicules the idea of war and shows the creative side to it all, to the whole mess that happend during that time.

The creation of ROBUSTARDS began totaly unambitiously, the idea was to record the meeting in person of Wostok and Dragana for the first (and to this day the only) time, to capture their dialog and publish it in form of a video interview on the internet, but something happend that changed the course of the case... 

In July, 2016 Dragana messaged Wostok that an incident happend - the comic book collector from Ontario had not receive the book that she ordered, someone decided that it is not decent enough for Canadian citizen and made it disappear on the Canadian border, but did not notify any of the sides about it, probably just threw it away in the paper basket and forgot about it.

That incident pushed Zlata to go further than planned and interview not only the publisher and comic book collector from Canada about it, but also Aleksandra Sekulić, cultural theoretician from Serbia and "Comics Journal" writer Bob Levin from USA that reviewed the "Robusto!!!" and try to give the other side to the case.

This no budget, DIY movie had several public screenings in 2017:

- official premiere in Freiburg's "Kommunales Kino" on 21st February
- in München's "Weltraum" on 26th February
- in Koper, Slovenia at Koperground festival on 14th August
- in Novi Sad at 11th Novi Sad's Comic weekend on 8th September
- in Pančevo at Grrr! Festival on 28th October

- in Skopje's City Museum on 30th November.

The movie is in english with serbian titles and part of it is in serbian with english titles. Now it's public on the youtube, so here you are:

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