Started in year 1999 in town of Vrsac, creative collective called Tehno Muda (Techno Bollocks) was less the musical group, and more musical illustration for comics of the spiritus movens of Vrsac underground scene - Wostok. DJ Zlikovac, Boca & Wostok since then recorded 10 DIY albums in their home studio Circulum Vitiosus, using some of the strangest techniques of playing and mixing the material. There are many ways to enjoy this goofy and ironic crossover between reggae, dub, etno, heavy metal and punk. 

Who & what are Tehno Muda ? 

Well, that's quite a difficult question. The answer to the question who the Tehno muda are is much more certain, it is my father Bocha (77 years old) and me - Vojkan Milosev (now 40 years old). 

We use a PC & my father's voice. I use samples created by me because when I was 29 it was my dream come through when I learned to play guitar. Well, the band itself is one can say a product of combination of my own extreme autism and my fathers performing talents. Inability to communicate in a normal way made me search for other ways of artistic expression than those classic ones like band of four members, guitar, bass, drum player... The Pc seemed to be an ideal tool to surpass the classic order of things, it became a perfect link between an idea and its realization for me, a tool which can let even a layman make music. You don't have necessarily to have motoric skills in your hands to play instruments. The other thing is that an autistic person doesn't have enough energy at disposal to communicate with the outer world. When you have a few members which you have to communicate to it becomes almost an impossible job to do. The PC becomes your artistic mirror without anybody else in between. It is some kind a therapy. 

You have to admit that sampling Adolf Hitler's voice and mixing it in with a reggae music is not a common thing to do? 

The therapeutical aspect of facing your own evil is very important thing for me. I believe that everybody possesses for example, xenophoby to some extent as one of manifest forms of evil. Every person is capable of becoming some kinda Hitler. It took millions to bring up Hitler. People like to localise those ugly feelings and stick it to Hitler person. It is a much broader problem I'm afraid. And that's the reason why it is being put a way in the area of taboo so much. Even the Serb or Dutch rasta can posses certain amount of xenophobia or can become serial killer in war when social context changes. Even rasta can become a bitter nationalist and mass murderer . Average rasta is so depersonalized that he is what they tell him to be at the given moment. That's why I'm often more afraid of peacemakers and rastas than of anybody else. 

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